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A Serious Absinthe Drinker

by James on May 27, 2010

“I take sugar with it” seems an innocuous enough remark but to Paul-Marie Verlaine, the French poet and granddaddy of absinthe drinkers this was more this was more like “a sort of war-cry” as one contemporary dryly remarked. When Verlaine was on absinthe there was often mayhem and destruction, for absinthe raised all the devils that plagued him. Towards the end of his life he was a sorry fellow who had strangers buy absinthe for him in return for recounting tales of his Bohemian debauchery. [Read full article…]


How to Correctly Prepare Absinthe

by James on April 24, 2009

To make absinthe is not that difficult, you just need a measure of absinthe, a glass, and ice cold water! The important thing to remember is that absinthe is a concentrate and should never really be taken neat. [Read full article…]

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