Is Thujone Free Absinthe the Real Deal?

by James on March 7, 2009

What is thujone free absinthe and should you buy absinthe without thujone?

An absinthe buyer today is presented with a bewildering array of choices and one of those is the so called “thujone free” range currently available in stores in the United States. This form of absinthe actually has an historic precedent in Belle Epoque Europe, they were known then as “Absinthe Hygienique” According to the US FDA rules alcoholic beverages must be thujone-free pursuant to 21 CFR 172.510. This actually means that they contain anything from 0 to 10 parts per million thujone according to the thujone free test prescribed by another US organistaion, the TTB.

So should you buy absinthe that is thujone free? That really depends on what you want. According to some the legendary absinthe effect is caused by the contradictory action of thujone and alcohol. Some say this is what gives the Green Fairy her wings. The effect of absinthe is a form of alert inebriation, an increased sensitivity to light, sound and movement…and touch :-) Yes, that might well be where absinthes reputation as an aphrodisiac arose. In Europe under the Amer classification absinthe may contain 35mg/l of thujone, but not in America. Many American absintheurs (the word for absinthe drinkers) do choose to buy absinthe online from Europe, so perhaps that is a good answer to the question!

If you have any experiences with thujone free or high thujone absinthe that you would like to share, please let me know.

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Brian Hyllen 09.24.10 at 11:26 pm

I just purchased a bottle of absinthe, well I think I did. What can you tell me about Le TOURMENT VERT. I’m interested in knowing if this is the real stuff. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you in advance.

hemp 07.26.11 at 9:04 am

.I was very excited when I first heard absinthe was to be legalized in America. But the dream didnt last..I fell for absinthe way back in the nineties during a couple of wonderful years I spent over in Europe and have been used to smuggling my supply into the USA ever since.

Mark Matlock 05.16.12 at 11:08 pm

I have just bought a bottle of the Lucid Absinthe. Though i did not feel any h effects i did how ever notice that it does clear your thoughts just a little I know this is not a pure Absinthe but for some one who does not drink very much at all this was an enlightened experience. I have read quit a bit on this and would like to try the Absinthe pure / genuenly made.
So in your opinion what is that Absinthe that is Genu, Made
Mark Matlock /Lion hart

Alex 09.21.12 at 11:35 pm

Quite so! Absinthe is back in all it’s glory. I’ve been an avid absinthe dnrekir for 10 years and am in love with this drink. I just wanted to point out that the modern Pernod claims to use the original recipe, but doesn’t. Modern Pernod is nothing like the original, I know, I’ve tried original pre-ban Pernod Fils. There are many modern abinthes on the open market today much closer to Pernod Fils than modern Pernod.

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