Why Buy Absinthe

Why buy absinthe?

Quite simply because this is one of nature’s most amazing drinks! Absinthe is quite unique. Whichever absinthe you decide to buy you are part of an historic tradition that stretches back into the mists of time. Absinthe has been celebrated in great works of art, poetry, and music, the modern day absinthe renaisance is a now in full swing. When you buy absinthe today then you are faced with a bewildering choice of flavours, labels, colours, thujone levels, claims and counter-claims! One scientist claims this and an absinthe manufacturer claims that. What can we make of it all? I hope to shine a little light into the murky green world of absinthe, as confusing and contradictory as La Fee Verte (the Green Fairy) may be, we should always remember that absinthe is part of Joie de vivre (the joy of life)! Enjoy :-)


Why “Buy Absinthe (.Net)”?

Beacuse I am here to share. After drinking and researching absinthe now for over 15 years I thought it was about time to spend a little quality time sharing my passion. There’s controversy and there’s confusion and there’s plenty to learn and still be discovered. Along the way as I build this little piece of the worldwide web I hope you will sit down with me and take some happy moments to read my scribblings and ideas. As an accompaniment to this I suggest two things; an open and happy state of mind and of course a glass or two of the green liquor, absinthe, properly prepared with iced water and waiting to deliver that unique absinthe effect.

Please make sure you say hello and also leave any tips or suggestions for those looking to buy absinthe and enjoy the experience.