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Greetings, and enjoy your visit to Buy Absinthe .Net, an absinthe buyers’ guide that tells it like it is.

After a century of prohibition, absinthe is back, hitting the liquor stores and online stores like a green tsunami. From France, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Spain and even Brazil, absinthe comes in many styles and forms.

Where do I get some? Which one should I buy? Is it safe to buy absinthe online? How do I drink it? What is thujone? What are the effects? If these are the questions on your mind, you are in the right place.

Absinthe has been my passion for over 15 years now. I was first seduced by the charms of the Green Fairy one summer in 1993 and I never looked back… Because once you taste the “forbidden” green drink, you realize it’s not just another alcoholic beverage: it’s a whole experience in a package. Frank Kelly Rich, the editor of the eccentric Modern Drunkard magazine got it right when he wrote:

Absinthe provides you with a surfboard (thujone) and a wave (alcohol) on which to ride it. That is the singular appeal of absinthe over normal alcohol. While alcohol provides a valuable escape, a vacation from one’s self, if you will, absinthe offers the same journey (on a fast, high-powered aircraft, I might add) with the promise of a window seat with a superior view.

A little absinthe sure does go a long way. It’ll fix a writer’s block, inspire an artist or a modern-day media designer. On a quiet night in, the “Green Fairy” will deliver a relaxing buzz to the occasion; on a night out, she’ll gladly wear the horns and be the cheeky devil of a decadent party.

Not surprisingly, absinthe has long been celebrated and damned in equal measure. A “Green Muse” to the artist, a “Green Devil” to the prohibitionist. Where do you stand and what do you think? Do come in and join the conversation. Buy Absinthe .Net is intended as a buyer’s guide, but also as a free and open venue to discuss the various absinthe offerings and your own views and experiences.

Not all absinthes are alike, and not all liquors sold as “absinthe” are the real deal. Buy Absinthe .Net is here to help you make the right choice. So welcome, come on in and enjoy.